Household Appliances

Non-toxicity is a requirement – and a hallmark of silicone products.

In greater and greater demand due to the special properties of silicone products. Very good physical and chemical properties, outstanding resistance to hot air up to 300°C, excellent weather and UV resistance, and it all comes in connection with the ability to meet the requirements, directives, and laws regarding contact with food. The ability to color it using almost any color is another important criterion when visual requirements need to be met.

Silex offers silicone products meeting the following requirements:

  • EU 1935/2004
  • BFR XV
  • FDA §177.2600
  • KTW
  • W 270 (microbial growth)
  • BS 6920 (British Standard)

Typical Applications

  • Hoses for coffee machines and coffee makers
  • Textile-reinforced hoses for espresso machines
  • Seals for coffee containers, irons, ovens, baking machines, dishwashers, washing machines…
  • Metering valves