Silicone-Molded Parts

Silex manufactures customer specified molded parts on modern injection molding machines.

Silex produces medium and large batches of molded parts on modern injection molding machines. In production, we use the classic HCR silicone rubbers, which are compounded in-house, and LSR liquid silicone rubbers, which are especially suitable for large batches of parts.

In addition to the standard rubbers with a wide variety of properties and Shore A hardnesses of 10-90, special silicone rubbers can also be used in low temperature applications (PMVQ) and fluorosilicone rubbers (FMVQ) for applications where there is contact with gasolines, oils, and organic solvents.



  • Excellent resistance to hot air (special compounds up to 300°C).
  • Very good UV, ozone, and weather resistance (without anti-aging agents).
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Almost unchanged physical properties over a wide range of temperatures (-45°C to 180°C)



  • Lowering of the coefficient of friction by modifying the surface (less dull rubber).
  • Labeling (laser / stamping / embossing).
  • Electrically conductive.
  • Oil-bleeding.



Silicone-Molded Parts

Physical Properties

  • Shore A hardnesses of 10-90
  • Tensile strength of 8-12 MPa
  • Elongation at break up to 1000 %
  • Tear resistance of 15 to 40 kN/m
  • Transparent or colored (RAL)

Food Applications

  • EU 1935/2004
  • BFR XV
  • FDA §177.2600

Drinking Water Applications

  • KTW
  • BS 6920
  • W 270

Medical Technology Applications

  • USP Class 1-6
  • Europ. Pharmacopoeia

Low Flammability

  • DIN 45545
  • UL 94
  • DIN 4102
  • EN 13501-1
  • BS 6853
  • NFF 16101
Silicone-Molded Parts