Excellence in Silicone – Our Mission!

Silex is your partner for high quality silicone rubber products. We develop and produce hoses, profiles, and molded parts on modern machines according to your needs and specifications and for almost every industry.

Products made of silicone meet complex and complicated requirements through their special, extraordinary properties. Resistance to hot air up to 300°C, extremely good weather, UV, and ozone resistance without anti-aging agents, almost unchanged physical properties over a wide range of temperatures, and non-toxicity are only some of the interesting and very remarkable properties that clearly separate silicone from organic elastomers.

Just contact us if your solution to a problem requires the use of silicone. We would be happy to help you.


The Silex management already made the decision to implement the Quality Management System in 2004, this being followed by the decision to implement the Environmental Management System being made in 2018, the decision also including the external certification of both of the systems. Since then, the integrated management system (IMS) has been the focus of the corporate policy, it also has an effect on the managerial responsibilities of the managerial staff and the actions of all of the employees. These actions ensure that the process management is always customer-oriented and environment-oriented. The company management shows its commitment in the scope of its obligations in that it fulfils and implements the requirements by:

  • Disclosing and imparting the product requirements that our customers have, the environmental requirements, and legal and official requirements
  • Determining the company policy with the stipulated goals
  • Assuming responsibility for the accountability of the integrated management system
  • Conducting management reviews in order to improve the integrated management system
  • Providing the required resources
  • Procurement and purchase of conflict-free products.

One of the important tasks that Silex has is the making of ongoing customer satisfaction improvements. Customer satisfaction is the benchmark for the success and growth of the company. Special focus is on all of the employees when it comes to implementing the goals. Inclusion in the key processes and further training possibilities with training courses are what form the foundation for the company pillars that our employees and customers form.

The Silex management has made it its task to sustainably protect the environment. This goal can only be achieved if we demand from each of the employees that he or she handle resources such as energy, water and the used raw materials in a conscious manner.

We are pursuing the following policy with our management system:

  • Customer satisfaction and the related adherence to customer requirements
  • Improvement of staff motivation and satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement of processes and workplace conditions
  • Evaluation and implementation of the corporate quality and environmental goals with adherence to binding obligations
  • Sparing use of resources such as materials and energy through continuous improvements
  • Waste disposal conform with the principles: reusing, recycling and a proper use
  • Reducing environmental emissions and preventing environmental burdens.

Our motto: Excellence in Silicone



We, the – Silex team – only rest once our customers are satisfied. That is our benchmark!

Silex employs highly motivated and dedicated employees in a flat hierarchy and works with select suppliers as if they were our partners. This is the key to achieving our benchmark. Our success proves we are right.

We only deal with the processing of silicone rubber, a specialty elastomer that can be used in almost every industry due to its unique and outstanding properties. This flexibility poses great challenges to the processor, though. Facing this challenge is our passion, and we do it with flexibility, perseverance, and reliability. Just like our products

Silex products are manufactured on modern extrusion lines and injection molding machines.

Whether its a “simple” hose, a complex co-extruded profile, or a highly complex molded part, we can help you to plan and implement your concepts.




Foundation of the Silex GmbH in Herne.
1100 m² of production space, 300 m² of social and office space and 1000 m² of open space.


Relocation of the production to a new facility with about 2300 m² of space.


400 m² annex for the shipping department.


One of the two managing directors leaves the company.



Extension to 3700 m² of production and storage space, 520 m² of social and office space and 2400 m² of open space.


Management buy out by the new executive managers.


Extension to 4300 m² of production and storage space and 720 m² of social and office space.


Foundation of the Silim GmH & Co. KG for the manfacture of molded parts. Extension to 5600 m² of production and storage space.

Quality Assurance

Our integrated management system is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 14001:2015.


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